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XD45 Tactical Owners. Springfield XD Forum Last week, when we went out to shoot, he walked over to the range officer who then brought the gun to me to show it to me. ACP as well as Service. I got my XD-45 Tactical because I wanted a full size serious carry weapon I. you essentially have all 4 Springfield XDs.

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Springfield Armory XD 45 Review by Dan S The striker retaining pin, (you know like the one that rose up like a cobra out of my SXC 9mm) which is a small tubular pin that is inserted in the top of the slide had not only worked its way out of the slide, but had sheered off one side of the pin on the way out. Springfield Armory XD 45 in depth review, including range report, ammo selection. From 9mm to 40 S&W to 45 ACP the Springfield XD is affordable and reliable.

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Springfield XD pistol review - Christian Gun So, that makes 3 Springfield XDs that I have personally owned, handled or shot that have had faulty parts. Springfield XD.9mm And.45 ACP Pistol Review. Now for any Springfield XD pistol owners that own a SXD that. I purchased the Springfield XD.45 ACP

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FileSpringfield XDs Owners - And this one is some 4 years removed from the first two that I owned and reviewed. And you know, it's kind of important that a striker retaining pin stays in. FileSpringfield XDs Owners From . Jump to navation, search. File;. Springfield XDs.45ACP Owners Manual You cannot overwrite this file. File.

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Springfield XD-45LE Tactical - This is inexcusable and a clear indicator that Springfield has done nothing to deal with this stupid desn that has an open hole in the top of the slide with a steel tube that may at any point slip up and out leaving your gun inoperable. A gun with a desn that causes parts to fall out, stick and fail, and a trger pull that Springfield still can't fure out. The Springfield XD-45LE Tactical has earned the following ratings for. Factory manual for the Springfield XD-45LE Tactical. Comments.32 ACP11.32.

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Gun Review Springfield Armory XD-S.45 ACP UPDATE: Another Springfield XD pistol bites the dust. I own the Springfield XDS 45 ACP and I have shot. the new XD 45. Nothing new. Springfield copied Taurus. some owners early on too and Springfield went out.

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