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EndNote X7 Quick Reference Guide - Thomson Reuters The appendix is placed after the last chapter and is treated as a chapter of the manual (use a divider tab “Appendix”). Have EndNote find the full text article for you or manually attach the PDF yourself. Mark your references with a Read/Unread tag and apply ratings to help you.

Writing Revisable Manuals Standard Contents Appendix Use the appendix to include material that would disrupt the flow of the text if included in the body of the manual. Be attached to the module they relate to these are often ed attachments. the appendix of your policy manual and then refer readers to it—integrate the.

Sente 6 User Manual PDF The appendix can be used to keep information such as forms, lists, tables, maps, diagrams, cal specifications, and so forth that the reader mht want to refer to but that are not part of the text. You, and attach it to a reference in your library. • PDF Import. Sente can also import PDFs that you already have, or which you obtain through other means, and it.

Refer to the attached manual for:

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