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Owner's Manual - Monitoring Times I agree with the others that the build quality is great. I found this on Overstock for while I was buying something else. Your new RadioShack PRO-74 100-Channel VHF/UHF/Air/800 MHz. Race Scanner lets you in on the action in the pits at the b race or on the streets of your.

Scanner RadioShack PRO-137 - Race 1000 - YouTube The ability to recharge NIMh batteries internally is nice too. Scanner RadioShack PRO-137 - Race 1000. Grecom PSR 800, Uniden 396t, Radio Shack Pro 106 Scanners Compared - Duration.

Owner's Manual While I have not compared this to the dital units, I could see how the radio is good enough as-is that with the dital decoding could pull down the 200-500 price of the dital scanner. Your new RadioShack 200-Channel VHF/Air/UHF/800 MHz. Handheld Race Scanner lets you in on all the action in the pits or on the track at the b race.

PRO-89 User's Manual - Radio Shack I didn't need another scanner but for .00 (the display unit but they had the box with everything in it) I couldn't leave it sitting there, especially when I discovered it has 1,000 channels! I love finding bargains that are hh quality and this certainly is. I was using a VX-2r for scanning use, but with the death of my last XP machine and the VX needed a new battery, I was at a crossroads. RadioShack PRO-89 200-Channel VHF/Air/UHF 800 MHz Handheld Race Scanner 200-0514 Index of Online Support Documents.

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