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Mamiya 645 system - Philip Hens - photo-phil I am a first time user to I offer and this seller made the transaction easy and delivered the manual that we purchased exactly as advertised. Jul 27, 2011. The seven manual focus bodies can rougy be divided in to two generations. multi exposure. 1/60sec operation without battery. 645 Pro. 1993-1998. M645 J. 1 sec. 1/500 sec. √. √. 1/60 sec. 1325 gr. 2nd Generation.

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Mamiya Medium Format Camera Manuals Guide Instruction for sale The various lines of 645 lenses does get mildly confusing, mostly because there's no good reference online for them. All Manual Focus M645 lenses are Mamiya-Sekor C lenses. CD Contain the Following Manuals Mamiya 6 MF. Mamiya 7. Mamiya 7 II Mamiya M645. Mamiya 645AF. Mamiya 645J Mamiya 645 Pro TL Mamiya M645 Super

ProSeal Instructions for <i>Mamiya</i> <i>645J</i> and other similar models.

ProSeal Instructions for Mamiya 645J and other similar models. Generally the C is only referred to if there is no other desnator. ProSeal Instructions for Mamiya 645J and other similar models. Please read these instructions completely before you start. Knowledge strengthens confidence.

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Mamiya 645j, nothing like the Hasselblad - YouTube S lenses are optiy reformulated from the C lenses, but share the metal barrel & build of the C lenses as well as the coatings. Sep 1, 2012. Today we discuss the Mamiya 645j. A medium format SLR system camera that was king of the wedding photography castle in its day. Please.

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Mamiya M645 Super, Pro, Pro TL and E - - The free. N lenses have new, plastic barrels and updated coatings, but do not get optical updates from the preceding lens (Be it C or S). AF lenses lack aperture rings and use body-controlled electronicly driven apertures. The one major exception is the 120 Macro, which is an APO lens in N form and uses Anomalous dispersion glass instead in the AF form (note the 120 is actually a manual focus lens in AF mount, it does not AF). Jan 8, 2017. 645 Pro with a metering prism and power winder. The dimensions given in the user's manual, for the Super camera body and a 120 film back.

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List of Mamiya products - pedia You can use Manual Focus lenses on AF bodies, but you lose auto-aperture. This is a list of products made by Mamiya, including cameras and lenses. Models made by. The Mamiya 645 Super discontinued was manufactured from 1985 to 1993. Schneider-Kreuznach Mamiya Sekor AF 110 mm f/2.8 LS D — leaf shutter; Mamiya Sekor Phase One Macro MF 120 mm f/4.0 — manual focus only.

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Mamiya M645J instruction manual, user manual, free PDF manuals. You'll need to set the A/M switch on the lens to M and use stop-down metering. Mamiya M645J. This camera manual library is for reference and historical purposes, all rhts. If you find this manual useful, how about a donation of to

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Lens Info Mamiya 645 Flickr Sep 4, 2007. All Manual Focus M645 lenses are Mamiya-Sekor C lenses. support all of their functions, operating them instead as if they were the equivalent. I see a 1000s, J, M645, super, along with some 645 pro's all on Craslist.

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