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Sony BDP-CX960 Multi-Disc Blu-Ray Player (Later firmware revisions after the July 28th Yamaha update should still include the DTS Mode option, it was just the first update to include it.) How to Change the Yamaha Advanced Setup to DTS Mode 2 (after above firmware update) (The Default DTS Mode is 1 - , not the TV. Sony BDP-CX960 Multi-Disc Blu-Ray player operation.

SONY BDP-CX960 VER-1.0 SM Service Manual free download, schematics. (See manual for details.) Using the rht side of the "Program" horizontal rocker switch, step though until the the DTS Mode option is shown. SONY BDP-CX960 VER-1.0 SM. Please, do not make a copy of the downloaded manual and do not offer to sell it,

SONY BDP-CX960 user manual Yamaha Firmware Updates: See July 28th post on Yamaha firmware updates for 2015/2016 DTS: X Receivers and Pre-Pro that added a DTS Mode option - Mode 2 fixes the issue noted below with the initial firmware with DTS: X support. On this page you can download SONY BDP-CX960 user manual in PDF or DJVU. This user guide, owners manual will tell you how to install and use your SONY.

SONY BLU-RAY DISC BDP-N460 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL Pdf Download. Yamaha's update has a DTS Mode option in the "Advanced Setup", but don't re if Denon's update has similar DTS mode options or if it's just a universal patch. Blu-ray Player Sony BDP-CX960 Operating Instructions Manual. speaker location, refer to the instruction manual supplied with the connected components.

Sony BDP-CX960 Manual Downloads Some Older Sony Blu-Ray Players Can't Bitstream DTS to Receivers with DTS: X Update Confirmed affecting Sony BDP-CX960, BDP-CX7000ES, BDP-S1000ES models (Other Sony models from same or earlier mfg date may also be affected) Update/FYI: Reportedly there's Denon Firmware Updates for X7200W & X6200W AVRs that fixes this bug. Product manuals and user guides for the Sony BDP-CX960 can be found below. You can download the selected manual by simply clicking on the coversheet or.

Review - Sony BDP-CX960 400 BLU-RAY/DVD/CD Marantz may also issue a similar update for DTS: X receivers. Organize your Disc library and enjoy quick, easy access to 400 Blu-Ray Disc.

Sony BDP-CX960 Blu-ray Player eBay (It's just after the 4K Mode option.) Pressing "Straht" button changes the Mode setting. Watch movies or listen to music, on the Sony BDP-CX960 DVD player. View movies in cinema mode or playback JPEG photos with ease, on this Sony Blu-Ray.

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Bdp cx960 instruction manual:

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